What makes Verita Vision Photography the most unique wedding photography studio serving New York Westchester County and the entire tri-state area?

- A seemingly simple triad of services that creates harmony and strikes a special chord on your wedding day.

Wedding Video
  • Wedding Photography


While we are skilled in various levels of photography, we truly pride ourselves in the hard work, creativity and dedication that we put into every single wedding engagement.


We work closely with each couple to deliver them the most exclusive wedding planning and photo ideas so that your dream wedding can become a reality filled with love and memories for a lifetime.

  • Wedding Videography


    In addition to wedding photography services, we also take care of the wedding video production by putting our brilliant videographers to work! Our video productions team put in a lot of energy to make the desired result that comes from shooting and editing a momentously special occasion, such as a wedding.


    To make things even more exciting, our wedding photographers and videographers work together in perfect coordination to serve you with the ideal wedding photos and film of your special day.

  • Wedding Green Screen Custom Photo Favors


    The final element to our triad, is what we think will bring the most entertainment to the guests at the wedding, who are in attendance to celebrate the beginning of your new life. Once the party starts, green screen party photo favors are a fun way to present your guests with gifts that they can take home on the spot.


    All you have to do is choose your favorite backgrounds and themes and leave the rest to us! With our green screen photography technology, we assure you that guests will be talking about the “green screen photo booth” from your wedding for a long time to come.