Sixteen years ago - you could not imagine that you would be preparing for one of the most memorable and important parties that your family and friends would ever experience. Sixteen years ago - you could not imagine that you would be lighting candles to honor one of the most amazing accomplishments of your life.

Sixteen years ago - you gave life to your daughter and today, as proud parents, you are ready to celebrate her sixteenth birthday in order to honor her beautiful journey into adulthood.

Verita Vision Photography is excited to be able to share this splendid occasion with you. Most importantly, we are delighted to provide you with the service of capturing the memories that are to be made during this fantastic evening as well as providing entertainment for the guests of this sweet 16 party. We accomplish this in two ways:

Sweet sixteen Birthday Event Video
  • Event Photography


    Our talented photographers work closely with you in order to make sure that you receive the desired results. From the candle lighting to the tiara ceremony to that special father- daughter dance, we will be with you every step of the way, snapping away ensuring that the memories made that night will last a limitless lifetime.

  • Green Screen Party Favors


    In addition to providing a customizable sweet 16 photography package, we also have a green screen photo favor package available. Green screen photography is a fun and memorable way to entertain your guests, while providing them with on the spot party photo favors. All you have to do is choose your backgrounds and themes to match your sweet 16 party motif and allow us to do the rest!
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Hair & Make-up
We provide all preparatory party services so that your guest of honor can look and feel like a deserved star. We make your party prep needs easy by providing a one stop shop for everything that you require. Our Verita Vision make-up and hair artists will work with you hand in had to create the perfect style that your daughter desires. We of course will also provide hair and make-up for any attendees who wish to up their style.

For your entertainment needs we also have options where you can work with our DJ and our band to provide a fun and energetic environment for your guests to create a truly memorable night. Build a custom play list with the most modern and popular beats fine tuned to your personal preferences so that our DJ can spin into the night. Alternately, if you have a flair for live music, then you can utilize our live band for your daughter’s special evening. All playlists are fully customized to your tastes and requests.

  • Whether you are in NY, NJ or CT, we want to help you remember your daughter’s special sweet sixteen-birthday party. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end product, as we strive to provide the perfect balance of professionalism, creativity and friendliness in all of our work. Our passion for photography and expertise speaks for itself.

  • Make your daughter feel like the princess she deserves to be on this special day in her young life. Book today!

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