Green Screen Photo Booth

1. Why choose Green Screen Photo Booth for your event? (top)

Our Green Screen Photo Booth delivers great photo entertainment and hours of fun and laughs for everyone. With green screen you and your guests get to experience spectacular scenes without leaving the party and will get unique party favors to take home with you – customized photographs from your event – that will last a lifetime.  Our booths have been skillfully engineered using the best and latest technology resulting in a finished product unmatched by our competitors.

2. What is a "green screen?" (top)

Green screen photo booth works by taking photographs of the subject in front of a green screen background and then automatically replacing the background with an image of your choice.  You can choose your background image from thousands of backgrounds such as an exotic beach, a magazine cover, a cityscape or even a movie poster with your favorite celebrity.  Green screen photo booths are great for parties, corporate events, birthday celebrations like bar and bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen, confirmation, graduation party, weddings or any special event.

3. What is included with the Green Screen Photo Booth? (top)

The Green Screen Photo Booth comes fully equipped with:

  • Two+ friendly attendants
  • Professional DSLR Camera
  • Green Screen
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • Computer(s)
  • Printer(s)
  • LCD Screen with digital backgrounds
  • Props (optional)
  • Lots of fun & great memories
4. Is the Green Screen Photo Booth self-operated or does it need an attendant? (top)

The Green Screen Photo Booth, depending on the party size, comes with a minimum of two attendants who will take the photographs, print and frame.

5. What can you do with the finished pictures? (top)

The finished pictures are printed and framed for you and your guests to keep. You can add a Social Media Photo Sharing Station to upload your photographs to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email.

6. How much space do I need for the Green Screen Photo Booth? (top)

The Green Screen Photo Booth is very flexible in setup. The setup requires about 8x10 foot area with a table and an access to a standard electric outlet.

7. Is there a limit on the number of photos? (top)

No. Your guests will enjoy unlimited number of photographs and prints during your photo booth rental period.  Our attendants will ensure each guest receives their photo favors from your event.  Multiple prints can be requested for group photos and extra copies.

8. Where are you available for service? (top)

We are located in NY and provide our photo booth services in NY, CT and NJ.

9. Can the photographs be branded or customized for the event? (top)

Yes, we can include your logo, custom design and text to each photograph.

10. How much does the Green Screen Photo Booth cost? (top)

Our green screen photo booths are priced competitively starting at $900.

11. How do I order the Green Screen Photo Booth for my event? (top)

You can order your photo booth by submitting your request here.