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Cecilia & Danny’s Vintage Step and Repeat Photo Booth

Last weekend we had an awesome time setting up and executing a vintage step and repeat photo booth for a fantastic wedding at the Dyker Beach Golf Course in Brooklyn, NY. This night was an evening of mega proportions. The bride and groom had themed their wedding to be a Victorian Marie Antoinette-esque party.  This included Victorian umbrellas for the bridal party and a series of costumed Marie Antoinette’s floating around the hall with “dessert table” skirts. The aura was regal, fun and colorful. Needless to say, Cecilia had asked us to be creative with our step and repeat wedding photo booth so that the atmosphere of the booth and the final product wedding photo favors were in line with the vintage Victorian wedding atmosphere.

We started by creating a custom backdrop, displaying the bride and groom’s name with vintage designs. The backdrop was part of a step and repeat red carpet set up, allowing guests to clearly see the line where the booth started and ended. We provided vintage props, such as old hats and wigs and even had an old Zenit camera on the table with a Hollywood era tripod for decoration. The icing on the cake however, was that we turned our modern Nikon camera into a vintage box camera along with black drop, which can be seen on our Facebook page.

This was a fantastic event and Cecilia and Danny were a pleasure to work with. The step and repeat set up was a hit and we flawlessly followed the theme all the way through, making the wedding photo favors a huge part of this wonderful evening!

cecilia-wedding-photo-booth (1).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (10).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (11).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (12).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (13).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (14).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (15).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (2).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (3).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (4).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (5).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (6).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (7).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (8).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (9).jpg

Venue: Dyker Beach Golf Course

Wedding Planner: Cecilia Lee

Music Entertainment: R3Bros

Wedding Photo Favors: Verita Vision

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Green Screen Photo Favor Backgrounds Gallery

In an effort to conquer the art of green screen photography, we have been working hard to set up a gallery of different customized backgrounds for clients to check out so that ideas can start flowing about the type of party, event or even wedding theme that you want to have!

You can view a full and constantly evolving list of our backgrounds on our photo favors page,  and have a sneak peek with a preview in the gallery below.  We want to remind everyone about the power that a photograph brings to any event. Creating memories that truly have the potential to last a lifetime. Giving your guests the gift of photo favors, whether at a wedding, birthday party or any corporate event will truly make you stand out.

Just a quick recap of how the process works:

1. You choose the theme of the green screen backgrounds to coincide with the theme of the mood you are trying to set at your event.

2. We work with you to create the necessary custom backgrounds to match your party.

3. You pick which form you would like to present your photo favors to your guests in. (Frames, magnets, key chains, etc)

4. The day of the party comes– we set up and run the whole show without you having to worry about a single thing!

5. Enjoy, have fun and watch the joy and happiness on the faces of your guests as they get to take home little photo favor treasures!

We love green screen technology and so should you! If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line in the comment box below, on our Facebook page or our contact us form.


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