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Lights, Camera, Action at Justin’s Bar Mitzvah

Some time ago, during this brutal winter’s very first snow storm, we made our way to the Lake Isle Country Club to help Justin and his family celebrate his special Bar Mitzvah. This party was a two-fer for us in the sense that we did both, a red carpet step and repeat photo booth and a green screen photo booth, giving guests double the photo favors to take home with them! Justin’s party theme was major Hollywood films and we have to say that the amount of work and attention to detail that Justin’s mother put into this event is truly impeccable.

We started the night by setting up our step and repeat photo booth in the foyer of the country club so that the Hollywood stars (guests) could step onto the red carpet and take their arrival photos. We did this for about an hour and then our team moved into the main ballroom where all of the action was, to set up our green screen photo station. Our talented designer collaborated closely with Justin’s mother to create over 30 backgrounds directly related to the movie theme. The unique addition to this photo booth set up was our social media upload station. After taking the picture, guests were able to almost immediately either email their pictures or share them on Facebook and Twitter. In our opinion this is a fantastic addition of instant gratification to the standard photo favors.

A fantastic evening overall. We would like to thank Justin’s mother and the DJ entertainment for making it that much more special! Check out some pics in the gallery below and as always don’t forget to like our Facebook page!


Venue: Lake Isle Country Club

Event Planner: Justin’s amazing mom, Sherry

DJ Entertainment: Max Event’s

Photo Booth: Verita Vision

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Cecilia & Danny’s Vintage Step and Repeat Photo Booth

Last weekend we had an awesome time setting up and executing a vintage step and repeat photo booth for a fantastic wedding at the Dyker Beach Golf Course in Brooklyn, NY. This night was an evening of mega proportions. The bride and groom had themed their wedding to be a Victorian Marie Antoinette-esque party.  This included Victorian umbrellas for the bridal party and a series of costumed Marie Antoinette’s floating around the hall with “dessert table” skirts. The aura was regal, fun and colorful. Needless to say, Cecilia had asked us to be creative with our step and repeat wedding photo booth so that the atmosphere of the booth and the final product wedding photo favors were in line with the vintage Victorian wedding atmosphere.

We started by creating a custom backdrop, displaying the bride and groom’s name with vintage designs. The backdrop was part of a step and repeat red carpet set up, allowing guests to clearly see the line where the booth started and ended. We provided vintage props, such as old hats and wigs and even had an old Zenit camera on the table with a Hollywood era tripod for decoration. The icing on the cake however, was that we turned our modern Nikon camera into a vintage box camera along with black drop, which can be seen on our Facebook page.

This was a fantastic event and Cecilia and Danny were a pleasure to work with. The step and repeat set up was a hit and we flawlessly followed the theme all the way through, making the wedding photo favors a huge part of this wonderful evening!

cecilia-wedding-photo-booth (1).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (10).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (11).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (12).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (13).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (14).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (15).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (2).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (3).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (4).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (5).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (6).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (7).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (8).jpgcecilia-wedding-photo-booth (9).jpg

Venue: Dyker Beach Golf Course

Wedding Planner: Cecilia Lee

Music Entertainment: R3Bros

Wedding Photo Favors: Verita Vision

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TouchPics at Noah’s Bar Mitzvah

On Sunday May 5th, we rocked out at Noah’s 13th birthday in West New York, NJ at an incredible venue called Son Cubano. Noah’s Bar Mitzvah was jam packed with people and entertainment, including our awesome touch screen photo booth- TouchPics! The event planner- Noah’s super mom- had requested that we create a backdrop specifically catered to the theme of Noah’s birthday. The theme was soccer and we developed a sort of “step and repeat” single background, which was printed and set up on location in front of the camera and TouchPics. Guests stepped up to the backdrop, our operator snapped a photo of them and then the photo was displayed on the TouchPics touch screen photo booth. People were able to instantly see their photos and would come up to TouchPics to draw, write or add stamps to their favorite pictures. As per usual, the finished product was available momentarily for everyone to take home as their photo favor from Noah’s party, very much in line with the TouchPics motto- “Snap, Draw, Print, Share!”

A little bit about the Son Cubano venue- This place is beautiful. Out in West New York, just a bit north of Hoboken, this restaurant overlooks the Hudson river with a truly stunning view of New York City. The sun was still up when the party began, but everyone got to enjoy a spectacular sunset over the New York skyline as the party progressed into the evening.

Check out some event photos from this great night below and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

c6-Noah Bar Mitzvah (4).jpgc24-Noah Bar Mitzvah (8).jpgc9-Noah Bar Mitzvah (1).jpgc35-Noah Bar Mitzvah (5).jpgc99-Noah Bar Mitzvah (3).jpgNoah Bar Mitzvah (7).jpgc56-Noah Bar Mitzvah (2).jpgc1-Noah Bar Mitzvah (6).jpgc27-Noah Bar Mitzvah (10).jpgc58-Noah Bar Mitzvah (12).jpgc58-Noah Bar Mitzvah (9).jpgc65-Noah Bar Mitzvah (14).jpgc76-Noah Bar Mitzvah (13).jpgc91-Noah Bar Mitzvah (11).jpgNoah Bar Mitzvah (15).jpg

Venue: Son Cubano

Entertainment Photography: TouchPics by Verita Vision

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