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TouchPics at Darren’s Bar Mitzvah

We could not be happier with the results of TouchPics at Darren’s Bar Mitzvah recently. The touch screen photo booth was a flawless success, not only technically speaking but also from a complete entertainment stand point. This event proved that the creativity possessed by kids these days is insurmountable and completely limitless. In fact it was a tremendous delight to see kids teaching adults and giving them drawing pointers. Our station was placed in the kids area of the party and at first adults had no idea we were even there. Once the DJ made the announcement however, the people came! 🙂

This event was the epitome of the essence that we always want to capture with TouchPics and any of our photo booths for that matter. We provided on the spot entertainment for guests, helped them bond together and sent them home with great photo favors that they can cherish for a long time to come. The guests made this event fantastic and proved that no matter what kind of person you are– everyone can get down, boogie and have a GREAT time!

Check out some photos in the gallery of the event and the actual final product and don’t forget to like us on Facebook! Also, let us know if you want us at your next event!


Venue: Lexington Square Cafe

Event Planner: Darren’s awesome mom, Elizabeth

Music/DJ: Jimmy Dee Entertainment

TouchPics: Verita Vision

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Corporate Holiday Party Trend- Photo Booths!

We came across this report on BizBash citing the current top trends of this season’s corporate holiday party fanfare. We loved the fact that this year companies are spending more to essentially accentuate their success and to show their token of appreciation for their hard working employees on account of this seemingly “better state” of economy that we are in. All of the trends listed seemed to focus on the decor, the food, the venue and the presentation. This is all spectacular, but we have to ask… Where is the entertainment? We know for a fact that open air photo booths, whether green screen, step and repeat, slow motion or TouchPics are an excellent and memorable addition to any wedding or birthday celebration- so why not stand out and add the fun to your corporate holiday party this season! We have made it our mission to make photo booths a trend at corporate holiday events this year!

Want to be part of the action? Contact us for more information and like our Facebook page. Be sure to ask us about our special holiday rates, just in time for the season! But first check out sample corporate event photo favors that we have produced in the past.


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TouchPics at Noah’s Bar Mitzvah

On Sunday May 5th, we rocked out at Noah’s 13th birthday in West New York, NJ at an incredible venue called Son Cubano. Noah’s Bar Mitzvah was jam packed with people and entertainment, including our awesome touch screen photo booth- TouchPics! The event planner- Noah’s super mom- had requested that we create a backdrop specifically catered to the theme of Noah’s birthday. The theme was soccer and we developed a sort of “step and repeat” single background, which was printed and set up on location in front of the camera and TouchPics. Guests stepped up to the backdrop, our operator snapped a photo of them and then the photo was displayed on the TouchPics touch screen photo booth. People were able to instantly see their photos and would come up to TouchPics to draw, write or add stamps to their favorite pictures. As per usual, the finished product was available momentarily for everyone to take home as their photo favor from Noah’s party, very much in line with the TouchPics motto- “Snap, Draw, Print, Share!”

A little bit about the Son Cubano venue- This place is beautiful. Out in West New York, just a bit north of Hoboken, this restaurant overlooks the Hudson river with a truly stunning view of New York City. The sun was still up when the party began, but everyone got to enjoy a spectacular sunset over the New York skyline as the party progressed into the evening.

Check out some event photos from this great night below and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

c6-Noah Bar Mitzvah (4).jpgc24-Noah Bar Mitzvah (8).jpgc9-Noah Bar Mitzvah (1).jpgc35-Noah Bar Mitzvah (5).jpgc99-Noah Bar Mitzvah (3).jpgNoah Bar Mitzvah (7).jpgc56-Noah Bar Mitzvah (2).jpgc1-Noah Bar Mitzvah (6).jpgc27-Noah Bar Mitzvah (10).jpgc58-Noah Bar Mitzvah (12).jpgc58-Noah Bar Mitzvah (9).jpgc65-Noah Bar Mitzvah (14).jpgc76-Noah Bar Mitzvah (13).jpgc91-Noah Bar Mitzvah (11).jpgNoah Bar Mitzvah (15).jpg

Venue: Son Cubano

Entertainment Photography: TouchPics by Verita Vision

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