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Corporate Holiday Party Trend- Photo Booths!

We came across this report on BizBash citing the current top trends of this season’s corporate holiday party fanfare. We loved the fact that this year companies are spending more to essentially accentuate their success and to show their token of appreciation for their hard working employees on account of this seemingly “better state” of economy that we are in. All of the trends listed seemed to focus on the decor, the food, the venue and the presentation. This is all spectacular, but we have to ask… Where is the entertainment? We know for a fact that open air photo booths, whether green screen, step and repeat, slow motion or TouchPics are an excellent and memorable addition to any wedding or birthday celebration- so why not stand out and add the fun to your corporate holiday party this season! We have made it our mission to make photo booths a trend at corporate holiday events this year!

Want to be part of the action? Contact us for more information and like our Facebook page. Be sure to ask us about our special holiday rates, just in time for the season! But first check out sample corporate event photo favors that we have produced in the past.


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TouchPics Unveiled at VIP Country Club

In February we had the privilege of taking part in Westchester Magazine’s annual Unveiled Bridal Event & Fashion Show. There was a vast array of local wedding vendors displaying their services, with the latest in video, photography, catering and wedding travel trends. They even set up a fashion show of the latest wedding dress trends available. We took the opportunity to set up our booth with the intention of “unveiling” our latest addition to our entertainment photography service- TouchPics!

TouchPics is an engaging, completely customizable touch screen photo booth unlike anything you have ever seen as part of an entertainment photography package. This concept takes photo favors to a whole new level. Guests at any event or party can step in front of this touch screen booth, snap a picture of themselves and use their fingers to add text, graphics and other photo manipulations before they can print, share or email themselves the developed photo on the spot. The whole process is simple and works likes this:

1. Step in front of the screen

2. Pose

3. Snap the picture

4. Touch the screen to add graphics, texts or other manipulations

5. Send the finished product to your social media platform of choice, email or to print in order to take it home on the spot as an awesome photo favor!

Check out some of the pictures from the Unveiled event in the gallery below to see TouchPics in action and most importantly people’s reactions to this nifty new entertainment photography product!

Touchpics 2013 Unveiled 06.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 01.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 02.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 03.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 04.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 05.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 07.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 08.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 09.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 10.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 11.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 13.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 14.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 12.jpgTouchpics 2013 Unveiled 15.jpg

Venue: VIP Country Club

Sponsor: Westchester Magazine

Entertainment Photography Vendor: Verita Vision Photography

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Diabetes Expo at the Javits Center

On March 9th we had the pleasure of working an all day event at the Javits Center with the American Diabetes Association. We were asked to set up our green screen photo booth at the entrance to the exhibit hall. With a New York City theme, guests would come up to the booth and take pictures, choosing their favorite New York scene and then superimposing on a “I came to Expo to Stop Diabetes” overlay. As usual these photos were available minutes later for everyone to take home as green screen photo favors. The day was filled with special guest appearances from the likes of TV star Mother Love and Bobby and Jamie Deen, the exquisite sons of famed chef and “Queen of Butter”- Paula Deen! Mother Love easily spent all day at our booth, posing with guests and chatting up a storm about Diabetes awareness. We loved having her close by because it was always entertaining hearing what she had to say.

In between running cooking classes and engaging in sessions where guests were able to actually sample food as part of a healthy diet, the Deen bros came by to do some on-screen interviews and then even participated in taking some serious green screen shots at the booth. (You can see the before and after shots below!) All in all, this was a great event and we love setting up for a great cause. The American Diabetes Association even featured all of our booth photos and Verita Vision in their diabetes mosaic, which you can check out here. This is a perfect example of how green screen photography and photo booth can be incorporated into literally any kind of event for the pure entertainment of your guests!

Check out the sample gallery below and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

Diabetes Expo Javits Center17.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center02.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center03.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center04.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center05.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center06.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center01.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center07.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center08.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center09.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center10.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center11.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center12.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center13.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center14.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center15.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center16.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center18.jpgDiabetes Expo Javits Center19.jpg

Venue: Javits Center

Sponsor: CVS Pharmacy

Guest Appearances: Mother Love, Bobby Deen, Jamie Deen

Green Screen Photography: Verita Vision


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