Inflatable Photo Booth for a Winter Theme Birthday Party

Last weekend we put together something different, for this special Winter Onederland Birthday Event, that’s right “Onederland” as in a 1st birthday celebration for handsome Addison.  As the name suggests, the event was beautifully orchestrated to a winter theme where everything was covered in snow, ice statues of penguins and bears decorated the entrance to the event hall of The Pierre Hotel in NYC.  To top it off, Addison made a grand entry in a white Swan sleds accompanied to music and MC announcements.  We can confidently say, Aramat Events pulled off heck of a job in designing this Winter Wonderland theme.

In addition to all of the wonderful decorations, we had a pleasure to setup our new Inflatable Igloo Photo Booth.  This photo booth lit up with blue led lights gave an appearance of a real ice igloo setup in an event hall where guest could come in and take fun photos.

We worked very closely with the event planner, Addison’s mother, to prepare over fifty custom green screen backgrounds that guests could choose from the touch-screen.  These winter backgrounds transported guests to places they could only imagine: Antarctic Circle with penguins, ice bergs, ice hotels, fun cartoons and of course inside real snow igloos.  The client chose the deluxe photo frame package which included a variety of great looking acrylic frames, photo snow globes, magnets and clear ice like Lucite frames.  In addition to the standard photos, our photo booth created animated gif photos, which produced short animated videos clips with animated snow in the photos.  Guests could then share their photos and animated gifs right from the photo booth via sms phone texts, email, facebook, twitter, pinterest and more.

The guests had a blast!  The photos kept on coming and guests just couldn’t get enough of taking fun photos with different backgrounds, different poses and different photo favors.

All in all, this 1st Birthday Party was a complete success thanks to everyone who put in great work to make this event happen.  And I’m happy to say many guests will have a lot of great fun memories – photo favors to bring home with them thanks to our new high-tech Inflatable Photo Booth.  First birthday celebration ideas are a new trend and I hope to see a lot more of them in the coming future, as they are a great way to celebrate and get everyone together to create great memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out the photos from this event below and contact us on Facebook or our contact form for more information!


Venue: The Pierre Hotel NYC

Interior Winter Theme Designer: Aramat Events

Inflatable Photo Booth: Verita Vision

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Slow Motion Video/Photo Booth Combo at Crystal & Brad’s Wedding

Hands down, in our opinion, one of the best services that we offer our clients is the slow motion video booth.  Not only is this slow motion booth an awesome value proposition for corporate events where customer engagement and brand activation is crucial- but this booth is also an amazingly memorable experience at weddings and birthday parties.  We built this booth at one of our most recent wedding events for a happy couple at the Liberty House in New Jersey. Crystal and Brad’s wedding was a super fun event where we were absolutely ecstatic to work with individuals, who were so willing to give their all in order to make sure that the final product was top notch.

Working with easy -going people who are not afraid to have some fun and embarrass themselves on camera is quite a rewarding experience. We love people that understand that – “a little sacrifice, just like a little party never hurt no one!“ Our set up was a slow motion video booth and photo booth combo all rolled into one. This allowed the guest to step in front of the screen and request whether they wanted to participate in the slowmo booth or the photo booth or both! If they took pictures in the photo booth then we printed double copies so that the guests could help build Crystal and Brad’s wedding scrapbook right on the spot. All in all- we were able to build our booth to ensure that we had the capacity to provide three services in one night with a single set up- all at once. The process was seamless and the result was what we like to call a hysterical success!

Take a look at the slow motion video on our YouTube Channel here and click here for the full version. Additionally, sneak a peak at some still shots from the photo booth from throughout the evening. Thank you Crystal and Brad for helping us make yet another slow motion video masterpiece!

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Venue: The Liberty House

Slow Motion Video/Photo Booth Combo: Verita Vision


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Classic Photo Booth at Igor & Julie’s Wedding

This past weekend we helped in the celebration of the union of a lovely couple- Igor and Julie. They had requested our classic photo booth package with beautiful white and pink frames. The couple chose the 4×6 photo format and in order to keep people from being in line for too long we decided to do single prints so that everyone got their turn.  Upon arrival at the venue there was a bit of a snafu about where we were supposed to set up- but once that was all sorted we were up and running. After the beautiful chuppah ceremony and dinner service, guests started to join us in the booth. We want to thank everyone for being so much fun! The characters that we met were extraordinary and it was a pleasure to work with everyone. The wedding guests seemed ecstatic to leave the party with instant photo favors for memories that will hopefully last them forever. We wish Igor and Julie lots of happiness, health and love!

The classic booth is fantastic budget addition to any party. The set up is quick and easy and as usual every single package is customizable to the wants and needs of our clients and their guests- from the photo size to the design! Check out photos from the even below and contact us on Facebook or our contact form for more information!


Venue: Da Mikele Illagio

Photo Booth: Verita Vision

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